Due to the increase in financial and non-financial interactions between individuals in the community, the need to get acquainted with legal matters related to contracts is increasing day by day.

Obviously, accuracy and sensitivity in setting contracts will play an important role in the work and psychological security of society.

Consider that people in the community are always in agreement with each other. Working locally and getting paid for it, or selling a product to someone, or even exchanging goods and services is all a deal.

Therefore, the wisest thing to do before arranging or signing any contract is to use the advice of lawyers who specialize in contracts. You can take steps by relying on the knowledge and expertise of reliable lawyers.

Here are some common types of contracts:

Forgery contract: Forgery is a contract in which a person is required to pay a certain fee for doing something by a specific or unspecified person. The parties to the contract can add or remove clauses to this contract depending on their circumstances.

Sale contract: Sale contract or the same contract of sale has been one of the most common and comprehensive contracts and contracts in the whole world and in all ages and times. Buying, selling or selling means that a person receives, buys and buys money in exchange for giving money.

Construction Partnership Agreement: Sometimes the owner of an old property or land decides to agree with the real estate developers and give their property to them. Real estate developers, on the other hand, pay for the construction of the property. This is called participation in construction, which is property from one and capital from another.

Peace treaty: A peace treaty is an agreement between two parties to establish or destroy a legal relationship. Peace means conciliation, reconciliation and agreement on something, whether it is the acquisition of an object or a benefit or the abolition of a religion or a right. Is concluded. This contract has many benefits. For example, through it, individuals can have the effect and result of a contract that they have made peace in their place and place, and at the same time, they do not observe the rules and regulations related to that contract and they can be rejected. There are 2 types:

1) Peace with the aim of resolving the dispute (peace of litigation): is the compromise of the parties to end the dispute.

2) Peace as a transaction: Traditionally, it replaces other contracts.

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