Soroush Adl International Law and Arbitration Institute intends to support your rights by relying on knowledge, manpower, valuable experiences and effective communication with scientific centers and organizations, and to take steps to solve your legal problems domestically and internationally

Our social responsibility is the education of our youth and our capital is your trust

Internal services


1- Obtaining a business card and economic code 2- Registering a company 3- Registering changes 4- Arranging minutes 5- Registering brands and trademarks 6- Sealing offices


Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes in which the parties refer their dispute to a trusted arbitrator instead of going to court.


1- Banking lawsuits 2- Contracts affairs 3- Startups

Real Estate House

1- Civil lawsuits 2- Civil administration

International services

International Arbitration

International arbitration is a method of resolving international disputes in which the parties refer their dispute to an arbitrator instead of going to court.

Russian services

Russia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, where many people from all over the world apply to immigrate and study in this country every year.

International agreements

Today, with the development of international economic and trade relations, we are witnessing more than ever the conclusion of international trade agreements.

Competitive Advantages of Soroush Adl International Law Center

Bar Association

Officially licensed by the Bar Association


24-hour response to clients

weekly report

Weekly report of case process to clients

Presence and support of lawyers of the organization

Presence and support of the organization’s lawyers in all stages of the case

Specialized commissions

Has specialized commissions

Institutional management supervision

Supervision of the management of the institution on the performance of lawyers

Success in the case

85% success in executive cases

Provide a solution based on consultation

Presence of a team of lawyers and providing solutions based on team consultation and thinking instead of individual

our customers

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